Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Mommie Dearest

My Best Shot
I'm starting this post with my best shot, since in many ways it shaped the way I viewed the entire film. I had never seen Mommie Dearest before, but being a child of pop culture, I've certainly seen the infamous "No wire hangers!" scene spoofed and referenced hundreds of times.

I really tried to find a different shot, wanting to be more original, but only one image even came close:

My 2nd Best Shot
Seeing Joan Crawford dressed in blue, holding a child, complete with halo-shaped window behind her head gave off serious Virgin Mary-vibe. Putting it next to the best shot of the film, it has an Angel/Demon dichotomy, much like the difference between Joan Crawford's public and private personas. If I could pick both of them as my best shot, I would.

But there's no way I'm not going with the Demon Joan.

Joan Crawford's face if I picked the first one (probably)


  1. Demon Joan. the dichotomy of shots is really special, though. I agree. Great punchline caption.

  2. haha. for your first ever viewing of the film, you simply must pick a shot from "no wire hangers". so i'm glad you went with that (even though i love the other one you chose as well...)