Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: 9 to 5

A movie like 9 to 5 lives and dies by its lead actors, so it's surprising that the three leads are kept apart from each other for the first full half hour of the film. The audience's reward for waiting so long to see them together is this amazing shot, which is my favorite from the film:
My Best Shot

Given the hell that the boss puts these women through, it makes sense that they all meet each other at their lowest point (ironic, given that this bar is literally downstairs from their office). It's from this point on that the movie really gets going, showing how much more fun actresses can be when they get to work alongside each other.


This shot from the opening minutes of the film showing Judy facing literal obstacles in her (male-dominated) workplace is just the start of her problems at Consolidated Companies.
My runner up
I feel the need to include my second runner up, because I honestly think that this movie has one of the simplest but most effective title cards out there.

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